Our passion for luxury watches

We started as passionate about quality watches and aiming to take our passion to the highest, we have made of it our profession. Therefore, going in depth into the trading of top quality watches, and observing the development of this business in our country, we concluded it was necessary a proper forum; an active centre for exchange where to contact professionals and channel transactions, both national and international level.

Passion Watch Show, is the only Fair pre-owned & used luxury watches in Spain

Exhibitions for professionals and collectors have been organized for over 20 years, where international traders from more than 50 different countries exhibit and offer their pieces in these worldwide famous events. Nowadays in Spain, there are thousands of people interested in this subject, who have not attended any alike event where to develop profitable transactions and achieve a stable investment above all sort of crisis.

For exclusive brands and high-end items

Therefore, Passion Watch Show (PWS) was born with the aim to organize the first Fair pre-owned & used luxury watches in Spain, a meeting point for all those professionals interested. A space where traders, dealers, buyers, sellers, collectors and enthusiasts in general, are able to carry out commercial transactions; purchase, sales, swap or simply get in contact with other professionals and enjoy a great exhibition with an unique selection of second-hand watches and renown brands.

Passion Watch Show will also have replacement parts, accessories, publications and a long etcetera of articles related to the watch market. The event will develop throughout a whole weekend with a special timetable reserved for registered traders, and a timetable with open access for general public.

Please contact us on info@passionwatch.es for any further information you may need.